Our promise

Conscious & Sustainable

Studio based in Vienna
Elegant handbags made of selected materials in authentic design

Long lasting design

Responsibility begins with the development of a good design that should last. It includes quality materials, and runs through the whole process of manufacturing. All this serves not only the wearer, but also nature.

Produced nearby

House of Jacquards bags are designed and sewn in Vienna. Individual components that are not manufactured in Austria come from Italy, Germany and Hungary. Transport routes can thus be kept short.

Without exploitation

Guaranteed no mass product from Asia and 100% without child labor. Fair prices also ensure a fair wage. It is often forgotten how much work and love goes into an elaborate piece of handicraft.

In best quality

Processed are beautiful fashion fabrics woven in the Waldviertel with jacquard machines. Beautiful leather and accessories from Germany and Italy provide the finishing touches to the bags.

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